Top 10 Best Recliners for Sleeping in 2020 Reviews

Many people like sleeping in bed, while many of them prefer sleeping on recliners. Recliners are not only designed to sit and watch television on, they even help you during times of injuries and health issues. If you choose the right recliner, you’ll have the needed comfort and fun while sitting or just sleeping on the recliner. A good quality recliner would help in guaranteeing durability and strength.  Recliners that have adequate adjustments, back support, effortless cleaning material, neck support, and leg space.

Many of us tend to shift and turn in our beds, because we feel uncomfortable and exhausted, even if it’s because of pregnancy, an injury, or just old age can keep you awake the whole night. Try sleeping in a recliner, you might find it more comfortable than your bed. While many people like sleeping in recliners and find it completely normal to sleep in it, many people find it unconventional and unacceptable to sleep in recliners.

Even though you can face certain health issues, sleeping in recliners grant you greater benefits, like; it helps you reduce heartburn pain, prevents sleep apnea. Sleeping in a recliner can help you sleep better and provide better sleep than you get in your beds. If you plan on buying a recliner for sleeping, do focus on its ergonomic design and comfort. Everyone tends to look for some sort of comfort and relaxation after a long day at work and you deserve that peaceful and serene experience while falling asleep on that softly padded recliner.

Even though sleeping in the bed is the traditional way, sleeping in a recliner won’t harm you and it might feel better than sleeping in a bed. Sleeping in a recliner can reduce back pain, as the back support provides support to your back and releases tension and stress from the back. Sleeping in a recliner has proven to be beneficial for pregnant women, they face back pain and problems, and sleeping in a recliner can help reduce these problems.

Sleeping in a recliner also helps in reducing heartburn and acidity. Before buying a recliner, you should be aware of the important things to focus on, like; durability, size, type, material, and features.

The different types of Recliners are:

  1. Wall-hugger recliners: These recliners are smaller in size and occupy less space.
  2. Rocker recliners: These kinds of recliners tend to bend backward and forwards like a rocking chair. It helps people facing insomnia to sleep better.
  3. Lift chairs: These kinds of recliners can be lifted making it easier to carry in and out.



Things to Consider before Buying a Recliner for Sleeping


One thing to check before buying a recliner is comfort. You want to achieve a comfortable and relaxing sleep, for that you need to feel comfortable with your choice of the recliner.


Recliners are made of different materials, you can choose the material on the basis of design, style, color or you can focus on health issues. Recliners are usually made in Leather material and Fabric.  Leather material is useful in treating back pain, it is long-lasting and you can easily clean its shiny smooth surface while Fabric material is hard to clean it gives you higher options and colors that you can match with your décor and interior.


The next thing to be kept in mind is space. You should measure your room before purchasing a recliner. You don’t want to feel suffocated while sleeping in a recliner in a small-sized room. A recliner takes up greater space than any other furniture. So, save larger space for your recliner if you want to stretch and recline to the maximum extent without damaging the other objects.


Recliners can range between 20 dollars to 800 dollars. This is because every recliner has different features and finishing. But try to look for a recliner that has extra features and comfort even if it is expensive.

Type of Recliners

You can choose between Electric and Manual Recliners. Electric recliners are the automatic recliners that let you adjust the position of the recliner without any extra labor. Manual recliners have a lever that lets you adjust the position of the recliner by pulling the lever.


Look for a recliner that offers specific features that allow you to adjust the recliner according to your comfort and requirements. 

Swivel Base

This feature allows you to shift and turn in any desired direction without much effort.

Compatibility between your size and the recliner’s size

You should be able to sit comfortably on the recliner with your feet touching on the ground flat. If you are sleeping in it, your feet shouldn’t be hanging out from the recliner, you should be comfortable and able to adjust easily.

Durability and Longevity

A durable long-lasting recliner might be expensive but it would save the years and tend to be sturdier and long-lasting than a cheaper recliner. Look for a recliner built with a durable frame as it will enhance the strength and weight capacity of the recliner.


The last thing to consider is the padded cushioned seat. If you’re planning on sleeping on the recliner, you should look for one that has an extra padded comfortable seat that keeps your body and muscles supported at all times.


Top Recliners for Sleeping

Best Recliners for Sleeping Reviews

#1 Flash Furniture BT-7950-KID-BK-LEA-GG Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner with Cup Holder


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The Flash Furniture BT-7950 is a modern child-sized recliner chair. It comes with a safety feature that allows it to recline only when the child is seated safely and pulls the stool’1 and reclines. It has black leather upholstery which makes it easier to clean and its dark color prevents stain incase your child spills something on it. The flash furniture recliner is perfect for children to sit, relax, do their homework on it, or watch TV and sleep. It is ideal for any task as it is safe and comfortable.

 The Kids Recliner has a built-in cup holder that makes it easier to keep your cup and enjoy your movie without spilling or damaging your recliner. It’s the slightly elevated black color plastic base is sturdy enough to accommodate 90 pounds safely. It has a comfortable soft padded back that makes it more comfortable for your child to relax and sit on it. The recliner is filled with CA 117 Fire retardant foam for extra relaxation and safety.

Product Dimensions- 39 x 24.5 x 28 inches

Weight- 25 Pounds


  1. Cushioned backrest
  2. Cupholder
  3. Safety reclining feature
  4. CA 117 fire retardant foam



  • Safety reclining feature
  • Cupholder
  • Comfortable padded cushion


  • Complicated reclining system


#2 Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather for Living Room Single Sofa Recliner Modern Recliner Seat Club Chair Home Theater Seating (Black)

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The Homall Recliner is designed to give your living room a fresh new decor with its traditional and elegant design. It has been specially designed for elderly people and their age requirements. The recliner is made of PU faux leather which is soft and anti-tear. It has a luxuriant cushioned backrest and seat for a comfortable relaxing time and a good night’s sleep. Its pullback footrest offers several models that you can adjust and choose according to your comfort.

The Homall Recliner has 4 elevated plastic feet that promote easy portability and separates it from the floor that helps in preventing your flooring from damage and scratches. Its double stitched layered design enhances its look and makes your living room look more luxurious. The metal frame design and footrest make it highly durable and cozy. It has thick padded armrest to relax your arms and elbows. It can easily and safely accommodate 260 lbs. This recliner is extra comfortable and offers higher resilience. 

Product Dimensions- 29.2 x 20.7 x 27.7 inches

Weight- 61 Pounds


  1. Retractable footrest
  2. Contoured armrest
  3. 4 elevated plastic feet
  4. Dual stitch design



  • Comfortable and padded
  • Strong reclining
  • Suitable for average height people



  • Incompatible for tall people
  • Cheap design

#3 CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly- Heavy Duty and Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism-Antiskid Fabric Sofa Living Room Chair with Overstuffed Design, Chocolate

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The CanMov Chair has been specially designed for elderly and disabled people. It has a special electric feature to lift you safely and easily. You have an option to choose between reclining, sitting and lifting and you can even choose any position. The cushion is filled with polyester and padded foam that provides a better experience and remains odor-free. You can even put your books and other necessary items in the side storage bag.

The CanMov Chair comes with a 2-button remote control that allows you to choose between reclining and lift option automatically with the click of a button. So, bid goodbye to those old ways of getting up and pulling the lever and doing everything manually. It has a sturdy metal frame that enhances the durability and longevity of the chair with an electric motor that lifts the chair silently. This chair is ideal for people who find it hard to get up once they are seated. It is the perfect mix of comfort and function and another plus point is its elegant look.

Product Dimensions- 39 x 37 x 39.8 inches

Weight- 108 Pounds


  1. Silent electric motor
  2. 2 button remote control system
  3. Foamy odor-free cushioned seat
  4. Metal frame



  • Suitable for people lacking mobility
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Automatic design


  • Heavyweight

#4  Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric, Taupe

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The Lifestyle Power Recliner is an innovative recliner designed to bring comfort and relaxation. Its elegant looks with clean smooth lines make it look luxurious in your living room and also enhance your décor. You can easily recline to your desired position with the touch of a button, leading to an effortless relaxing reclining. It also has a USB port that makes it easier for you to charge your phone or laptop while relaxing on the comfortable recliner.

The Lifestyle Power Recliner is upholstered with superior quality soft foamy fabric that can be easily cleaned and makes you feel relaxed and cozy. It has been seamed by designers for smooth lines that present it with a traditional yet elegant look. The reclining system grants full support to your legs irrespective of your reclining position.

Product Dimensions- 39 x 40.5 x 40 inches

Weight- 77 Pounds


1. USB port

2. Power reclining system

3. Foamy padded cushion fabric

4. Seamless design



  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for elders and adults both
  • Value for budget



  • Lacks durability
  • The chair gets stuck once the power is out


#5 Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel (Cream)

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The Esright Massage Recliner Chair is designed to make your body feel comfortable while releasing tension and stress from your back and pivotal joints. It comes in a luxury cream color that will match any décor and make it look more elegant. You can easily clean the recliner with a cloth, limiting the hassles of dry cleaning or washing. The breathable PU leather material enhances blood flow and air circulation, keeping you cool and focused. This chair has features that enable easy rocking, vibrating, and reclining, heating, swivel function. 

The Esright Massage Recliner Chair comes with a foamy cushioned headrest that allows you to rest your neck and shoulders comfortably. It has 2 cup holders on both sides of the armrest that allows you to keep your drink safely without staining the recliner. The well-built metal frame is designed to carry 300 lbs. You need to manually adjust the reclining and footrest system. It has 8 vibrating massage nodes to keep your body relaxed and stress-free. You can control the massage and heat function with the help of remote control. It also has a heat function for the back that allows maximized support and relaxation. You can even store your stuff in the two side storage.

Product Dimensions- 33.5 x 35.8 x 43.2 inches

Weight- 65 Pounds


  1. Massage features
  2. Heat function
  3. Padded headrest and reclining
  4. Two cup holders and two side storage pockets


  • Good massage and heat function
  • Supports back and lumbar
  • Easy storage 


  • Difficult to assemble

#6 HomCom Faux Leather Heated Massage Recliner Chair with Remote – Black

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The HomCom Recliner Chair is designed for a relaxing comfortable experience, either you’re watching TV or sleeping, this recliner chair will keep you warm and cozy with that bed feeling. It is made from faux leather that is easy to clean and stain proof; filled with a foamy padded cushion that provides greater support and comfort to your body. It has two cup holders on either side that makes it easier for you to watch your favorite movie undisturbed! It even has a side storage pocket and two front pockets that allow you to keep your things safely and efficiently. It has an adjustable backrest design that makes it easier for you to adapt the back according to your requirement. 

The HomCom Recliner Chair comes with a padded arched armrest that allows greater rest and less strain on your arms and elbows. Its retractable balanced footrest keeps your leg relaxed and positioned all day. It even has a 360-degree rocking feature, four vibrating massaging nodes with a variety of settings and functions to choose from. Its heating function has been designed to heal backaches and muscle stiffness. This recliner can do anything to keep you safe, it is both a recliner and a rocking chair as per convenience. 

Product Dimensions- 32 x 34 x 42 inches

Weight- 110 Pounds


  1. Massaging and Heat functions
  2. Adjustable backrest
  3. Faux leather material
  4. Two cup holders, two front pockets, and side storage.


  • Rocking chair plus recliner
  • Amazing features
  • Massage functions


  • Footrest feature is quite difficult to handle

#7 Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Lever Rocker Recliner with Padded Arms

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The Flash Furniture BT-7950 is a contemporary styled recliner chair. Its reclining feature is suitable for use in any room of the house, be it your living room or nursery. It comes with a rocking feature that promotes better sleep and motion for pregnant women, children as well as adults. It has brown leather upholstery with a stainless design that makes it easier to clean this dark recliner. The flash furniture recliner is perfect for you to relax and do your work. You can easily sit back on it or lie down, giving your back the needed support and comfort either way. 

 The Flash Recliner has padded cushion contouring in its back and arms that lessen the strain from your body and grant greater support to keep your body aligned and safe from strain and stress. You just need to pull the lever to attain your desired position. The recliner is filled with 5 inches of thick CA 117 Fire retardant foam for extra relaxation and safety. When you come back home after a tiring day at work, sit back and relax on this cozy recliner for a comforting experience.

Product Dimensions- 66 x 40 x 42 inches

Weight- 95 Pounds


  1. Rocking feature
  2. CA 117 fire retardant foam
  3. Brown leather with padded cushion
  4. Manual position adjuster


  •  Comfortable
  •   Thick padded contouring
  •   Well built 


  • The poor quality leather material

#8 Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

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The Dorel Living Slim Recliner is designed to fit in small spaces, making the interiors look elegant, luxurious, and classic. This multi-purpose recliner comes in a tall design to suit all spaces and decors. It gives your legs and lumbar the required support and comfort while eliminating the risk of lower back injuries and muscle aches.  This chair is upholstered in a beige microfiber which you can clean easily and efficiently with less maintenance. It comes with 3 functional positions, chooses your desired position, and relax!

The Dorel Living Slim Recliner comes in a tall design that makes it suitable for both tall and short people. The smooth pushback reclining mechanism allows for easy adjustments according to your requirements and comfort. You can even relax and give your legs the needed comfort and break with the contoured footrest. Its padded backrest and mildly padded armrest make this chair favorite among all in your home. The slim recliner has been designed to stand out in the recliner industry with its unique and trendy design.

Product Dimensions- 35.8 x 31 x 38 inches

Weight- 47 Pounds


1. Padded backrest and armrest

2. Pushback reclining mechanism

3. Easy to clean microfiber material

4. 3 Functional positions



  • Classic style
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Adjustable features


  • Small in size

#9 Homelegance Power Reclining Bonded Leather Traditional Chair with Accentuated Nail Headed Arm Rest, Brown

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The Homelegance Power Reclining Chair is a traditionally designed chair that has modern functions and features. It has been designed to suit your home décor or even office décor. You can easily relax and enjoy on this recliner while doing your work. It enhances posture, reduces backaches, and muscle injuries.

The Homelegance Power Reclining Chair features padded foamy cushions and contoured backrest for greater support. It has a power reclining mechanism that enhances efficiency and triples comfort. The brown leather bonded chair is easy to clean and requires less maintenance, it has a shiny look with a touch of the traditional style. 

Product Dimensions- 42 x 38.5 x 40

Weight- 110 Pounds


  1. Power reclining mechanism
  2. Padded back support
  3. Foamy contoured seat
  4. Brown leather material



  • Value for money
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • High-quality material



  • Lacks durability
  • Footrest features lag
  • Heavyweight

#10 Flash Furniture Contemporary Columbia Indigo Blue Microfiber Power Recliner with Push Button

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The Flash Contemporary Power recliner features a modern yet homely design that is suitable for all home and office decors. It has been designed to offer you higher levels of comfort and relaxation. Once you sit or lie down in this comfy recliner, you’ll achieve a heavenly feeling of comfort. It has Columbia Indigo blue microfiber upholstery that makes it look more elegant and soft to touch.

The Flash Contemporary Power recliner has luxuriously padded arms for greater relaxation and reduced strain from your arms and elbows. Relax your arms and place them on the armrest to feel completely peaceful and cozy. You can choose between multiple positions of reclining with the push of a button. It has cushioned plush back support that keeps your neck and shoulders relieved of the unnecessary stress and tension after a whole day at work. So, sit back and relax on this comfortable highly cushioned recliner and get a good sleep.

Product Dimensions- 67 x 41.5 x 43.5 inches

Weight- 115 Pounds


  1. Contoured arms
  2. Contoured backrest
  3. Power recliner with push button
  4. Columbian Microfiber upholstery


  • Power recliner with a silent mechanism
  • Highly padded
  • Reduces neck and lower backaches



  • Complicated reclining system


Buying Guide about Best Recliner for Sleeping

  1. You should feel comfortable and relaxed in your choice of recliner
  2. It should be accompanied with a stool or ottoman for your legs to relax and not stay hanging in the air.
  3. You should opt for a recliner that has a comfortable backrest and support.
  4. You should be aware of how to clean your recliner depending upon the material.
  5. Measure your room and the recliner beforehand for easy transportation and portability.
  6. Look for a durable recliner with a sturdy frame for enhanced longevity.
  7. Sit and make sure your feet touch the ground flat and when you lie down; your head should comfortably rest on the headrest and backrest without your feet hanging in the air.
  8. You can also buy a recliner with charging points that makes it easier for you to charge your phones or laptops while sleeping in the recliner.
  9. Choose a padded cushioned recliner for a good night’s sleep.
  10. Focus on a recliner that helps in reducing pain from your back and neck.
  11. Choose a recliner that offers features like; cup holder, swivel, and rocking and tilt design for better comfort.



Will my height affect the working of my recliner?

Yes, you should choose a recliner that is suitable for accommodating your height. You don’t want your legs hanging in the air while sleeping.

What are the main features I should look for in a recliner?

You should focus on features that allow you to adjust the recliner’s backrest and neck rest. You should be able to change your position with the help of an automated lever.

Which material is preferred for a recliner?

Both leather and fabric have their pros and cons. Leather is easier to clean, helpful for back pain while fabric tends to match more with your decor and feel softer than leather.

Why is a padded recliner necessary?

A padded recliner grants extra support and releases tension and stress from your body.

Which type of recliner is most suitable for a pregnant lady?

A rocker recliner is most suitable for a pregnant lady, as it will allow her to rock the recliner back and forth leading to rocking motion that enhances sleep.


What to Avoid when Purchasing the Best Recliner for Sleeping?

  1. Avoid buying the first recliner you see, try out different models and brands, and choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable to sleep in.
  2. Avoid buying a recliner larger or smaller in size than you, you need to maintain the compatibility between your size and the recliner’s size for better working.
  3. Avoid buying a complicated recliner with high tech features that make it difficult for you to understand it.
  4. Avoid buying a recliner with too much padding; you’ll eventually end up with back pain.
  5. If you’re planning on sleeping in the recliner, test out the comfort and relaxation by sleeping in it beforehand.  Buy a recliner that comes with the return policy and warranty.


Who should buy the best Recliner for Sleeping?

  1. An insomniac person can buy a rocking recliner for an enhanced rocking motion that can lead to a better sound sleep.
  2. A pregnant woman facing severe back pain and muscles aches can choose to sleep on a recliner that offers better back support and a rocking option that helps in sleeping better.
  3. A person suffering from back injuries or back pain can sleep on a recliner as it can tend to be more comfortable than sleeping in a bed.
  4. Elderly people who find it hard to sleep in their beds can choose to sleep on a recliner as it can provide a better sleeping experience.
  5. Children too can sit and relax on recliners.



When you are looking for a good recliner to sleep in, you need to focus on many features and aspects. Even pregnant women and elderly people can comfortably sleep on recliners and much better than they were able to sleep on beds. The most crucial thing to focus on while buying a recliner for sleeping is the size and comfort level. You can choose from different types of recliners and materials that suit your convenience and requirements. 

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