Top 10 Best Office Chair Under 500 Dollars 2020 Reviews

Our lives have become extremely comfortable with the introduction of modern techniques and equipment. Modern age products have not only increases the convenience for the user but have decided tools to ease their work. One of the most important innovations in the arena of the workplace is that of office chairs. 

Office chairs are modernly designed products that are equipped with features such as an Esquivel, wheels, padded backrest, and tiltable and recliner chairs that ease up working for prolonged hours at a stretch. The introduction of these chairs in the workplace tends to improve the quality of work and enhance productivity at work. 

Things To Be Consider Before Buying Best Office Chair

When one is planning to buy an office chair, it is important to look into the various characteristics and specifications that are equipped with the product. This product proves to be a valuable purchase and therefore, it is important to select an accurate product. The product should match certain criteria so that it is ideal to use. Some of the things which must be considered when buying an office chair are as follows:-


When one is planning to buy an office chair, one must ensure that the chair is efficiently constructed. The chair must be well built and designed precisely. Those chairs that are ergonomically designed help in removing the strain and reduce fatigue. Higher efficiency ensures that the chair does not cause any physical strain or imbalances in one’s body even when working for a long span of time. An ergonomic featured product ensures maximum productivity by maximizing the comfort of the user.


It is important to give due consideration to the aspect of mobility when buying an office chair. This is because the virtual movement plays a role when one is working. The wheels attached to the base of the office chair provide for this mobility. The wheels must be made out of a material that does not cause harm to the flooring and rotate smoothly. Moreover, the wheels must be in a good number to provide easy movement and to improve the sturdiness of an office chair.


Another important feature that must be considered when investing in an office chair is the flexibility delivered by the chair. The chair must be lightweight so that it can be moved easily. Moreover, the chair must have a correct number of wheels to add to the support. The chair must provide for a seat that has an attached backrest that facilitates tilting and leaning as per the user’s preferences.

In order to ensure the stability of the product, the product must have multiple adjustment options. The headrest, backrest, and armrest must also provide for adjustment aspects so that it is easy on the part of the user to work for long durations. All of these features in combination provide an office chair with the flexibility expected of it, and therefore, this feature must be considered. 


An office chair is a long time investment and therefore, one must carefully look into various aspects and consider all factors that fall into the selection criteria. One such important factor is the fabric of the product. An office chair must be made out of the high-quality fiber. This would prevent the wear and tear and add durability to the product. The material should be such that there are no problems with cleaning it.

The upholstery should not require a lot of maintenance. The seat and the backrest must be tough to prevent from damage and yet the padding must be soft to avoid any physical strain. The upholstery is of great importance and therefore, must be considered. 


One must ensure that the product that is being purchased is reliable enough. All models of an office chair must meet the requirements as prescribed. Safety standards should be met and fulfilled. The product must ensure the use of high-quality upholstery, safety featured components. The chair must be easy to assemble and install. Moreover, an office chair must be backed by a good span of the warranty period to ensure high term durability and longevity. 

By careful analysis and consideration of the aforementioned features and specifications, one can choose for themselves, the best office chairs under 500. 

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Top 10 office chair under 500 Dollars On The Market


Best office chair under 500

There are a variety of office chairs designed efficiently and tend to improve productivity at the workplace. In order to choose an ideal office chair under a budget range, one must look over the products that are the best and provide great effectiveness at work. These products are as follows:-


#1 The Serta Big and Tall Exclusive Office Chair:-

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The Serta Big and Tall Exclusive Office Chair bags the tag of being the best among all office chairs. This chair has proved to be an ideal choice for many because of the outstanding specifications it features. The Serta Big and Tall Exclusive Office Chair are extremely durable. This model is not only comfortable and stable but also provides high term longevity.

The headrest and the lumbar zones of this chair offer generous convenient padding. This ensures that no pain can be caused to the back or the waist. The seat is designed with utmost comfort. It is made with individual coils and a cooling gel foam in order to displace weight thereby extending support and maximizing comfort. This Serta chair also features an armrest. This armrest is also made up of memory foam to provide extra comfort. The ergonomic design of the chair ensures no fatigue for the user.

The maximum weightage capacity of the chair is somewhere near 350 pounds approximately. The design is precise and stylish, equipped with a bonded leather upholstery. This chair weighs around 47 pounds. Although the chair weighs heavy, it easily facilitates mobility because of the five caster wheels equipped with the chair. The wheels provide for easy rotation and move smoothly without causing any damage to the floor and without making much noise.

The heavyweight and efficient components of this chair provide it with a sturdy look. The base of this chair is made out of nylon which further enhances the overall look of the product. The chair comes in white, grey, black, brown colors. This Serta chair is backed by a warranty period of one year. 



  • The chair is well constructed, solid built, and sturdy. 
  • This office chair is cost-effective. 
  • The chair is durable, adjustable, and easy to maintain.


  • The warranty period of the chair is for a short span. 


#2 The La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Executive Office Chair:-

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The La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Executive Office Chair are one of the oldest yet the falls in the category of best office chairs. It is ergonomically designed for providing convenience to the user. This chair is accompanied by a range of features that make it ideal for use. This stylish executive chair is sturdy and comfortable. This chair is well built and for maximizing comfort, the chair has adjustment features. The height of the chair can be adjustable.

The chair also has the provision of a recliner function and facilitates the user to tilt the chair so that the spinal cord is not hurt and there is no pressure or pain on one’s back. The material of this office chair made out of high quality bonded leather fiber in combination with mahogany stained wood. This La-Z-Boy office chair can be easily assembled without any complexities. The maximum weightage capacity that can be accommodated by this office chair is somewhere around 400 pounds.

This model of the La-Z-Boy office chair weighs less than 50 pounds approximately. The chair usually comes in two colors namely, brown and black. This office chair meets all the required safety standards. The chair is equipped with hand-sculpted real wooden armrest and base. The contoured lumbar panel at the back and the foam memory cushion of the seat provides comfort to the user to tilt or align in accordance to one’s needs, especially when working for prolonged hours at a stretch. This traditionally designed office chair featuring modern specifications and aspects is backed by a warranty period of one year.


  • A high-quality leather chair that has comfortable, firm padding equipped with it. 
  • The chair is sturdy, durable and height can be easily adjusted. 
  • The chair is easy to maintain.


  • The chair has a short term warranty period.
  • The armrest is not comfortable. 


#3 The Boss Office Heavy Duty Office Chair:-

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The Boss Office Heavy-duty chair is specifically designed with the best components for facilitating greater effectiveness and its efficient use. This office chair weighs somewhere near to 49 pounds. The chair can be easily assembled and requires low maintenance which makes it an accurate purchase for many. The size of this chair is designed keeping in mind every user.

The maximum weightage capacity that can be contained by this office chair is near 400 pounds approximately. The chair is equipped with curved contours which helps the body to be aligned in a proper way. The chair can be easily adjusted and the height can be customized for a personalized fit according to the needs and preferences of the user. The chair has a lumbar panel that provides extended support ensuring no fatigue and no pressure on the back. This model of the Boss office chair can be easily tilted as per the user’s choice.

The chair is designed in such a manner that working for long hours on this chair would not cause any pain to one’s spinal cord. The chair is made of high-quality fabric. This chair is made out of smooth bonded leather. The seat and the backrest are both provided with comfortable cushion padding. The chair is equipped with comfortable and well-curved armrests.

The chair is available in three colors mainly, these include classic black, bomber brown, and gray. The chair has a stable base and is equipped with dual-wheel casters for easily moving and leaning. These chairs are well designed and are extremely comfortable. 



  • The chair is made of high-quality fiber and the base provides sturdiness. 
  • The chair helps one to lean, thereby provides for support and stability.


  • The chair causes inconvenience to short-height people. 
  • The armrest cannot be adjusted.
  • It takes a lot of time to assemble the chair.


#4 The Comfort Products Commodore Chair:-

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The Comfort products Commodore ii chair proves to be an accurate choice for many. This chair has focussed on all components and elements of the product to be designed with great excellence. The company, Comfort Products, has established its name and acquired a reputable position in the market with innovating the best of products. The base of this chair is made of nylon and guarantees longevity. The seat cushion is as comfortable as the backrest which features a waterfall style padding.

The armrests of the chair are also styled for maximum comfort. These ergonomically designed armrests facilitate working for long durations with ease. The seat cushion, the backrest, and the armrests are all made of high quality bonded leather fiber. The chair facilitates multiple adjustment options, such as tilt, tension, lock, swivel, and height. In fact, the headrest of this office chair is also adjustable to add to the support of the individual while working thereby refraining the user from causing fatigue or pain.

The weight of this office chair is somewhere near to 55 pounds approximately. The chair can be assembled with ease. The chair is equipped with a dual wheel that casters which initiate better virtual mobility and rotates smoothly. The chair comes in black color only. This chair has a maximum weightage capacity of accommodating around 350 pounds. This chair functions smoothly and features a precise design.


  • The chair has two wheels that allow one to lean and lock. 
  • The chair provides multiple adjustment facilities.
  • This office chair is comfortable and versatile.


  • The chair does not have any color options. 
  • Assembling the chair takes a lot of time. 


#5 The VanBow Office Chair:-

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The VanBow office chair is one of the best office chairs under 500. It is the most comfortable and efficiently designed model of the office chair. This chair is not affordable and every feature that it is equipped with proves to be a valuable aspect. The chair features an S shape elegant design. The chair is designed with the utmost comfort to keep the body in proper alignment. This office chair ensures that the user does not suffer from any back pain or is not subjected to fatigue due to strain on the spinal cord. The design of this office chair is carefully outlined so that the user can work for a long duration without stressing themselves.

The company uses good and high-quality fiber for the seat and the backrest. The seat of this model of the office chair consists of an ultra-plush cushion that adds to the comfort and this seat is made out of bonded leather material. The padded back, also made out of bonded leather fiber is extremely comfortable. The seat features a waterfall design. This ensures improving blood circulation by removing pressure from the lower legs. The armrest of this chair is also padded for the convenience of the user.

The chair can easily make a 90° rotation. This office chair can be tilted easily for leaning and is also equipped with a broad recliner range. This helps one to change one’s posture and thereby relieves the user of any strain. The maximum weightage capacity of this chair is near to 250 pounds, approximately. The chair fulfills all requirements and meets the safety standards, hence it is considered durable and reliable.

The base of the chair provides stability and sturdiness. The chair provides for multiple adjustment settings. The chair weighs around 44 pounds roughly. This chair comes in black color only. The chair’s design provides it with a unique look. 



  • The chair features an ergonomic design, adding to its comfort, stability, and reliability.
  • The chair displays a unique look.
  • The chair provides for multiple adjustment settings.


  • The chair does not facilitate adjustment settings for the backrest.


#6 The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair:-

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The Dumont adjustable office chair is extremely durable and designed precisely. The chair is well constructed and built-in an artistic type. A very important feature of this office chair by Duramont is that the height of the headrest can be adjusted and so can the angle for providing a personalized fit for the user’s needs and preferences. The lumbar panel facilitates adjustments for its height and depth. The armrest height can be adjusted along with the distance of the armrest from the seat.

The seat height, the backrest, everything can be adjusted easily and be tilted without any complex procedures. The multiple adjustment settings that are equipped with this chair adds to the support and stability of this office chair. This chair differs from traditional office chairs because it is provided with a backrest made of mesh. This helps cool air circulating through the mesh and ensures one can work for prolonged hours without being tired. The maximum weightage capacity that can be contained in this office chair is somewhere near to 300-350 pounds approximately.

The chair is equipped with rollerblade caster wheels which facilitate quick and smooth movement. The chair can also be used as a demonstration or trial based on a span of 90 days. This office chair is easy to install. The chair is assembled in eight easy steps. The chair provides for pneumatic controls. This Duramont office chair weighs around 45 pounds roughly and it comes in black color only. This chair ensures high-end longevity and low-end maintenance. 


  • The construction of the chair is efficiently done.
  • The chair provides stability, reliability, and durability. 
  • The chair is easy to assemble and requires low maintenance.


  • The chair weighs heavy. 
  • The brand provides no color variations and options. 


#7 The Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair:-

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This office chair proves to be an ideal innovation and is used widely due to the wide design it is equipped with. This chair is backed by great support. The stability that this office chair features add to the benefit of it. The backrest of the chair is unframed. This eliminates the presence of all hard edges and the chair has an extraordinary shape. Since the back of this chair is not framed, the chair provides exceptionally great comfort and convenience to the users.

The chair proves to be built by following the various forms of protecting the environment since the chair uses recyclable material as its base and various other components. The components of the chair are hollow. This makes the product weigh less. The Arcspan, arm structure, and the tilting mechanisms are all combined into a single part that is strong and sturdy enough.

This combination of various features into one single part reduces the weightage of the chair. This model of office chair, therefore, weighs around 37 pounds approximately. The design of this chair is precise and stylish. The shape of the chair and the entire outlook makes this office chair very elegant. The chair is extremely affordable and yet, is superior and excellent in terms of ergonomics, style, features, and functions.

The product contains no PVCs. The seat height of this office chair can be easily adjusted and the chair improves the posture and supports the back. This is one of the most efficient models of office chairs. 


  • The product is environmentally friendly, makes use of recyclable materials. 
  • This office chair is lightweight, durable, and reliable. 


  • Not suitable for tall people. 

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#8 The Hon Big and Tall Executive Office Chair:-


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The Hong big and Tall Executive Office chair is designed with perfection to suit the needs of the buyers. The back of this chair is made out of mesh. The seat of this model of office chair features a mesh cushion that is equipped with two thick layers of padding. This adds to the comfort of the chair, making it so the more beneficial. The chair is ergonomically designed featuring all the adjustment settings.

The chair facilitates recliner arrangements as well. This office chair is equipped with a control panel for height lift. The mesh designed back provides added support to the back and avoids any issues of physical strain on the waist or the spinal cord. The chair weighs heavy, around 53 pounds approximately. This chair comes with a five-star resin base and the wheels of the chair facilitate smooth functioning and rotation without any pressure on part of the user and without causing damage to the floor.

This product is highly durable.  The product is usually featured in a single color option, that is, black. The maximum weightage capacity of this office chair is 450 pounds roughly. This model of the HON office chair is backed by a standard warranty period of 5 years. 



  • The chair is cost-effective. 
  • This chair is well built and features an outstanding construction with the aim of reducing discomfort and increasing comfort for the user. 
  • The chair is ergonomically designed, stable, and versatile. 
  • This highly durable office chair has simple adjustment settings. 


  • The chair is heavyweight. 
  • This brand provides no other color options for the product. 


#9 The Kadirya High back Executive Office Chair:-


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One of the finest office chairs that are available in today’s time includes this model of the Kardiya High back Executive office chair. The chair is made up of good quality upholstery. This chair is made out of high quality bonded leather fiber which maximizes the comfort of the user. The high back design is an added benefit of this office chair which thereby extends support to the user. This model of the office chair is equipped with extremely comfortable padding. The seat features a waterfall seat design.

This design helps in reducing the pressure on the back and gives stability to the legs. The chair has a tension control panel as well. The tension knob helps to control the tilting position. The control knob is easy to use. This chair has a recliner feature as well. The maximum reclining angle of this chair is around 120 degrees. The chair has an added benefit of an armrest that can be flipped as per one’s preferences. This armless and armrest feature in combination makes this office chair one of the best models.

The chair features a heavy-duty nylon base. The chair is equipped with nylon smooth-rolling casters. These wheels ease the rotation and provide great mobility. The strong base adds to the stability and sturdiness of the chair. These chairs are equipped with a pair of gloves that comes complementary to the package. The chair can be easily assembled.  The product can be used as a trial based demonstration product for the first 30 days. The warranty period of this office chair is that of one year. 



  • This office chair is easy to assemble. 
  • This chair is designed for extreme comfort and has a flip armrest function. 
  • The chair has a rolling back recliner and tilting adjustment. 


  • Short span warranty. 
  • No color variations available.

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#10 The Clatina Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Office chair:-


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The Clatina Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Office Chair is one of the most conveniently designed models of office chairs. The seat height of this office chair can be easily adjusted. The chair is equipped with various multiple kinds of adjustment settings for the armrest, lumbar support, the backrest for maximizing the comfort of the user. The chair can easily be tiltable. The back of this chair features a breathable and durable fabric which adds to the longevity of the product.

The back has a smooth and soft finish whereas the seat features a thick yet soft pad. This office chair weighs somewhere near to 58 pounds approximately. The chair can smoothly rotate doe to the solid construction it is equipped with. The maximum weightage capacity that can be contained by this chair is around 275 pounds. This chair is extremely easy to install and assemble, devoid of complexities.

The chair meets all the safety standards and is an extremely reliable product. The brand provides a demonstration trial base usage of 30 days. This fully adjustable, ergonomic, recliner type office chair is backed by a warranty period of five years. 



  • This durable and reliable office chair is easy to install and assemble. 
  • The chair is ergonomically designed with a sturdy base, heavy wheels, and provides full rotation. 
  • This is a recliner tiltable office chair.


  • The chair is extremely heavyweight. 
  • The chair is not suitable for short height people. 


Best Office Chairs Under 500$ Buying Guide

The buyer is expected to select the best office chair under500on the basis of a number of variables. In order to assist our customers in deciding and picking the appropriate product, we have outlined a buying guiding for office chairs. These set of guidelines are laid out as follows:-

  • COMFORTABLE:- One must buy an office chair that maximizes the comfort of the user. The chair must be such that it provides convenience to the user rather than causing any pain or stress. The product must be designed efficiently for providing the utmost support to refrain any physical imbalance on the worker’s body. The design of the chair must be precise. The chair must be easy to handle and maintain. An office chair must be of extreme importance. 
  • QUALITY:- Another crucial guideline to be considered when buying an office chair is giving due consideration to the quality. The fabric of the seat must be of high quality. The upholstery should be anti-allergen. The padding must be soft and the base must be strengthened. The seat of an office chair must have a good foam-like cushion. The adjustment settings must be detailed. The overall quality of an office chair must be great to enhance one’s productivity at work.
  • ADJUSTMENT:- Along with a high and good quality product, and an efficiently designed product to maximize the comfort and convenience of the user, adjustment facilities should be advanced. The chair must feature various keys that facilitate adjustment settings. There must be height, armrest, backrest, and headrest arrangements that people are required to switch to and change from time to time. An office chair should be such that it is versatile and can fit into the personalized needs and preferences of the user. 
  • PRICE:- The price of any product is the most important aspect that carries out the entire purchase process smoothly. The price of the product should match the design, the physical specifications, the features, and the functions. One should carefully analyze the warranty period to cut down on excess expenses and reviews should be read to choose the best product. Once all the aspects of the product match with the worth of it, the product must be bought. 

Following up on these guidelines would help one to purchase the best and an ideal product. It will give the buyer an insight into an overall idea of the guidelines to be considered. 


Things To Avoid While Buying Office Chairs

Just like various things must be looked into and considered well when purchasing an office chair, however, there are various other things that can be ignored in the purchasing process. Few of the things that can be avoided are as follows:- 

  • Number of Wheels:- Considering the number of wheels of an office chair is not a great idea. Any number of wheels provide a sturdy and strong look to the chair. The wheels are provided for extending support and stability, therefore, any number of wheels would be beneficial. One should not be specific and rigid with this aspect. 
  • Colour:- Most of the office chairs come in elegant, basic colors. The colors are never way too funky or inversely proportional to the working environment. The color is not an important consideration. One must not let go of the chair if it’s a good quality product at a reasonable price for an unimportant aspect like color. 
  • Portability:- Office chairs are provided with wheels for enhancing virtual movement. However, these chairs are so heavyweight that they cannot be transported easily from places to places. The good thing is, they do not need to be shifted for one’s workplace remains constant. Therefore, one can easily avoid the aspect of portability when purchasing an office chair. 

Thus, avoiding the aforementioned aspects would help one to be flexible with what they actually need thereby eliminating the unnecessary demands. These factors can be easily avoided, and yet the purchase would be a great one. 


Who Should Buy An Office Chair? 

As the word suggests, an “Office” Chair, it is definitely not a product that suits the needs of all individuals. The product is most beneficial to people who have to devote most of their time at the workplace for long durations. 

Office chairs are obviously suited to be placed in one’s area of work. This may include offices, sites, study rooms or desks. These chairs are great and beneficial for such a category of people who have either backache or who would prefer preventing themselves from causing any physical strains and imbalances. 

An office chair features a variety of advantages. Some of these would be to release one stress by reducing the pressure and thereby facilitating better and improved blood circulation. Moreover, these chairs are extremely comfortable and help the person to work without any strain on the body. The relief caused to the user by omitting on the stress not only increases the productivity at the workplace but it also improves the quality of work.

The worker is concentrated to perform well and therefore, the comfort is directly proportional to one’s better performance; this proves to be the greatest asset of buying an office chair. Along with the improvement in health, these chairs are low maintenance and therefore they are advantageous over other chairs since. These chairs have multiple adjustment options and this allows the chair to fit in personally with the user’s preferences. Office chairs are usually cost-effective and therefore a good purchase. 

However, there are certain disadvantages of these chairs as well. These may be complex and time-consuming to assemble and install. Moreover, the chairs usually weigh heavy and therefore transportation, or portability, as such is low. 

People who are devoted to spending long hours at work and those who have the ability to cope with all the disadvantages that the product is equipped with can easily handle this chair. For such people, this extremely useful office chair is of utmost comfort and proves to be a must-buy product. 



Certain people have expressed their doubts within certain areas for purchasing an ideal office chair. Some of these questions are laid out as follows:-

Spoiler title

Although it depends on the brand and the manufacturer of the product, however, office chairs can be customized as per the buyer’s needs and preferences. 

Can the warranty on the chair be extended?

No, the warranty cannot be extended beyond the mentioned period.

Can I customize the base of the chair into some other metal?

No, the base of the chair cannot be customized. The material cannot be changed. 

Our office chairs equipped with a locking mechanism?

Although the locking mechanism is primarily the Brand’s outlook, it is rare that the office chairs are equipped with a locking mechanism.

Can the fabric of the seat be changed?

This varies from brand to brand. However, the upholstery of the seat cannot be changed. 

Can the armrest of these chairs be removed?

These chairs are designed by specialists to provide an ergonomic overall look. Hence, the armrest, which is part of the already existing product, can not be removed.



Office Chairs are considered to be a compulsory product for people spending hours at work. However, it is important to look carefully and analyze all aspects of an office chair as a responsible buyer, and thereby make the final purchase. 

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