Top 10 Best Office Chair for Sciatica in 2020 Reviews


When the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated, it leads to nerve pain in your leg. This situation is termed as Sciatica. The pain originates from the Sciatic nerve and may further move to your lower back or leg causing discomfort and pain. It would be highly intolerable for a person suffering from back pain or lower pain to work in the office for long hours. When the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in your body is affected it can cause health issues in the longer run.

It would definitely affect your performance at work, as it would get awfully difficult to stand or sit with this painful compression in your leg. Mostly all the employees working for long hours nonstop suffer from sciatica. It not only affects your back and legs, but it also numbs your hips and legs, making it impossible for you to walk properly and focus on your work. A good ergonomically designed chair can help you prevent sciatica and focus at work.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Office Chair for Sciatica Pain

Armrest and Swivel design

Look for an office chair with adaptable armrest and swivel. You should be able to rest your arms and elbows comfortably on the armrest for less strain and discomfort on your neck and shoulders. Your arms shouldn’t be too below or high from the desk. Also, a rotating swivel provides easier access to the desk. A good armrest posture prevents your forearms from reaching the armrest while working on the desk. If you’re suffering from Sciatica, a 360-degree swivel design would work best for you, as it will be easier for you to reach desk areas without any discomfort to your leg.

Lumbar Support

Your office chair should be able to provide support to your lower back for longer hours without any discomfort or strain. Look for a chair with height and depth adjustments according to your spine for a better comfortable position. You can harm your back by destroying the natural curve of your spine if you sit in the same position for a long time, your back tends to slouch and affect the natural curve of your spine leading to pain in the lower back. So, look for an office chair that is ergonomically designed to provide you lumbar support and keeps your spine naturally curved. It would also help in providing relief to the pain in your legs and lower back.


The best office chair would give you full control over it; adjust the height according to your comfort. An ergonomic chair with pneumatic adjustment lever provides more support to your back and lowers the sciatic strain and pain as you can easily adjust it to suit your needs. A chair with a good height will allow you to keep your feet flat on the floor with horizontal thighs and even arms that are compatible with the height of the desk. A good posture would help prevent sciatica.


The backrest is a crucial feature of your chair; you should be able to adjust the backrest suitably, according to your needs. A backrest helps in maintaining a curved spine while providing support to your back. Also, look for a seat lock that stops your chair from turning and shifting back and front.

Width and Depth

A suitable width and depth enhances performance and reduces any form of strain. You should be able to move your legs easily with a good chair depth while being comfortable in it.


The uttermost important thing is the material, be sure to test it out before buying. It’s always a good option to buy cushioned seats with firmness for comfort and to maintain a healthy posture.

Additional Features

An important feature of the ergonomically designed chair for Sciatica is the adaptable inclining system that makes it easier to move forward and backward. It will help support your back without curving it and causing strain and keep your legs flat on the feet with the adjustment systems.


An office chair with a padded headrest makes it easier for you to relax your head and lessens the strain.

Wheel Base

Wheelbase makes it easier to move around without any strain and enhances mobility. Also, the wheelbase is important in keeping your office floor intact.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics enhances human productivity by implementing designs and ideas that are healthy and safe for your well-being. An ergonomically designed workplace not only intensifies your productivity but also keeps you strain relief and healthy for long working hours. Most employees today complain about lower back pain and leg pain because of sitting in a stout posture for long hours every day.

Breathable mesh

A breathable mesh is important to promote air circulation and keeps you cool by avoiding heat from getting trapped. Keeping you relaxed the whole day.

Wheel casters

Wheel casters enhance smooth gliding and rolling on the floor without damaging your wooden or carpeted floors. You may need to carry your chairs in the workplace, so it’s always suitable to choose a chair with nylon casters for easy mobility.

Top 10 Office chair for Sciatica In The Market


Best Office chair for Sciatica Reviews

#1 Steelcase Amia Task Chair: Adjustable Back Tension – Live Lumbar Support – Seat Slider – 4 Way Adjustable Arms – Black Frame/Black Fabric

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The Steelcase Amia Task Chair has a flexor system to keep your back supported consistently for painless movement throughout the day. The contoured cushion seating adapts your posture and supports your legs and lower back. The flexible seat edge feature removes extra tension and pressure from the back of your legs to keep you concentrated with reduced sciatic nerve pain.

It has 4-way adjustable arms that you move sideways, up and down or back and forth to keep you supported and comfortable at all times. Its live back feature helps support any position opted by your spine by imitating your posture and reducing the strain on your back. The back lock system allows you to choose your desired position by enabling you to lock your current position or to choose the free-range option.

  You can even adjust the height easily and lock the reclining system for safety. It has been designed with large width and depth to grant you more space.  The Steelcase chair is 97% environmentally friendly and can be recycled. It is not only designed to keep you healthy and prevent sciatica pain but to also keep our environment clean.

Product Dimensions – 23 x 27 x 39 inches

Weight – 64.2 Pounds

Features – 

  1. Adjustable Back
  2. Adjustable 4-way Armrests
  3. Versatile Seat Edge
  4. Adaptable Seat Depth and Height
  5. Back Tension and Lock.



  • Adjustable back
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable height



  • The wheel casters damage the floor
  • Overpriced


#2 Steelcase Leap Chair, Black Fabric, FBA_, 5″ Cylinder –

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The Steelcase Leap Chair has a live back technology that imitates that shape of your back in any posture attained by you. It is designed with separate controls for your rigid lower back and stout upper back.  It also has a movable back lumbar support bar which is designed to match the shape of your curved spine and grant support to your lower back.

The recline support option allows you to tilt backward or forwards safely and comfortably.  There is a firmness tension knob that is specially designed to reduce back pain as it allows you to set the amount of firmness your lower spine needs for the natural curve to be maintained. You can also adjust the arms of the leap chair in four directions, whichever suits your needs.

The slats in the back allow greater airflow and make it highly ventilated and safe for your back. The Leap chair is 98% recyclable and can accommodate 400 pounds effortlessly. The leap chair has been designed for all sizes and body types; it is efficient and helps in the reduction of sciatic pain in the lower back and the legs.

Product Dimensions –24.8 x 27 x 43.2 inches

Weight – 45.8 Pounds

Features – 

  1. Adjustable Back support
  2. Adjustable Armrest
  3. Lower Back Firmness
  4. Recline Support
  5. Environment Friendly


  • Breathable back slats
  • Live back technology
  • Lumbar support bar



  • The wheelbase is not sturdy enough
  • Not designed for large size


#3 Herman Miller Embody Chair: Fully Adjustable Arms – Graphite Frame/Base – Standard Carpet Casters

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The Herman Miller chair has been specially designed for users who need to sit for prolonged hours. It focuses on equal pressure distribution on your back, legs, and buttocks, maintains the naturally curved arch of your spine, and further goes on to improve your posture and natural movement.

The Embody chair has been designed in the spitting image of the human spine; it has a central spine and versatile ribs. Its backlit adjustment system allows you to position backrest with your spine for greater support and increased spinal alignment. The Embody chair focuses on promoting airflow with its soft skin texture to keep you cool, focused, and productive at work.  It offers six ergonomic functions to reduce sciatica and lower back pain.

Its one of the most crucial functions is the recline system which reduces the tightening of the spine and prevents loss of fluids from your discs. And you can even adjust the arms of the chair to relax your arms and elbows. Herman Miller offers 12 years warranty on the Embody chair and manufactures the chair entirely in the renewable energy industry.  95% of the Embody chair is recyclable, making it environment friendly and fit for your office with its dynamic design.

Product Dimensions – 29 x 29.5 x 43.5 inches

Weight – 52 Pounds

Features – 

  1. Six ergonomic features
  2. Adjustable Arms
  3. Working recline system
  4. Soft and smooth texture
  5. Backlit Adjustment


  • Comfortable Adjustable backrest
  • An easy reclining system that supports your spine
  • 12-year warranty



  • Lacks a headrest design
  • Complicated assembly 


#4 Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels – High Back with Breathable Mesh – Thick Seat Cushion – Adjustable Head & Arm Rests, Seat Height – Reclines

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The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is designed to make your office stand out and to give the users a comfortable experience with all the cushioned seating and adjustments with your full control over it. You can adjust the backrest height to suit your posture for enhanced support and the headrest height to limit strain from your neck and shoulders.

The backrest is designed to keep your lumbar supported and strain-free by retaining your naturally curved strain in any posture or position opted by you and also has a tilt option that allows you to tilt your backrest effortlessly in your desired position. Its adjustable armrest creates a relaxing environment for your arms and elbows while positioning them in a healthy posture.

The breathable mesh designed seat is good for enhanced air circulation and for keeping you cool and energized. Its padded cushioned design grants you a homely comfort and its rollerblade caster wheels are well built to magnify mobility and make it easier to carry it anywhere. The Duramont chair guarantees a 90-day return policy and is suitable for users suffering from sciatica because of its innovative design to keep your posture maintained and healthy.

Product Dimensions – 29.2 x 25.9 x 12.9 inches

Weight – 44.6 Pounds

Features – 

  1. Adjustable Arms
  2. Adjustable Backrest
  3. Ventilated mesh
  4. Sturdy wheelbase
  5. Pneumatic height adjustment control


  • Easy access height adjustable pneumatic lever handle
  • Well-supported backrest
  • Promotes air and blood circulation.


  • It is  a bit overpriced
  • Heavyweight


#5 Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest, Black Mesh & Chrome Base

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The ErgoHuman High Back Swivel Chair has been certified by Greenguard indoor air. It features an adjustable backrest height to suit your comfortable posture and position by replacing the stiff straight back with a more supporting breathable mesh that keeps you cool and ventilated at all times.

The adjustable headrest and armrest are designed conveniently to place the controls in your hand; you can easily adjust the headrest and the pivoting armrest according to your required levels of comfort. It features a pneumatic cylinder that can be raised or lowered as per convenience to adjust the height of the chair.

It also comes with a 3 position tilt lock, tilts tension control, and a synchro-tilt system that allows you to tilt in any direction comfortably without hurting your back. And the ErgoHuman has constructed the chair with durable 360-degree swivel and wheel casters that amplifies your mobility and makes it easier for you to reach desk areas.

Product Dimensions – 26 x 27.5 x 51 inches

Weight – 64 Pounds

Features – 

  1. Ventilated mesh back
  2. 3-position tilt lock
  3. Pneumatic cylinder height adjustment
  4. Adjustable headrest
  5. Pivoting armrests


  • Pivoting arms that support all postures
  • In budget
  • Mesh back seat keeps your body cool.



  • Can’t recline too far back
  • Your bottom might be affected by the bar in the seat


#6 Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair: Tilt Limiter/Seat Angle – PostureFit SL – Fully Adjustable Arms – Dark Mineral Vinyl Armpad – Carpet Caster

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The Aeron Task Chair is available in three sizes to provide a comfortable and healthy experience for everyone. Its tilt mechanism design accustoms to your body’s posture and provides relief to your knees, buttocks, and feet to keep you stable while gliding back and forward. The 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension seat and backrest feature of the Aeron chair with 8 varying tensions options provides ergonomic comfort and allows your body heat to pass through the chair keeping you cool and energized all day.

  It comes with fully adjustable arms and a 2.5 inches carpet casters for enhanced mobility without damaging your carpeted floor. The PostureFit SL feature is specially designed to support your spine while keeping the posture of your pelvis maintained.  You can also utilize the adjustable pads that help you with your back and enhance blood flow, allowing you to sit comfortably in one posture.

The Aeron Chair focuses on fighting your fatigue and enhancing your performance at work; it limits sciatica pain by providing your back and buttocks the required support while reducing tension and pressure. The Aeron Chair comes in 3 exotic metallic colors to suit your workplace and make it look more elegant while contributing to the environment as the chair is made from recycled materials.

Product Dimensions – 18.5 x 28.2 x 43 inches

Weight – 39 Pounds

Features –

  1. Tilt mechanism
  2. PostureFit SL
  3. 8Z Pellicle suspension 
  4. Adjustable lumbar pads
  5. 2.5-inch carpet casters


  • Ergonomic design, health positive
  • Comes in 3 great metallic colors
  • Breathable seat and backrest 



  • Not suitable for a tall person
  • Lacks adjustable height, depth and width features


#7  Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair with Adjustable Headrest, Black

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The Commodore II Leather Chair is completely covered with black bonded leather that has firm cushioned seats for higher comfort and relaxation with the chair looking perfect in your workplace environment.  The thickly padded armrest, seat cushion, and back offer greater support to your body and muscles as they are firmly padded.

You can easily access the tilt, tension, lock, swivel, and height of the chair by adjusting the pneumatic handle under the cushioned seats.  The armrests are designed in waterfall style and are thickly padded to keep your elbows, arms, and shoulders free from the tension and strain when you relax them on the comfy arms. It even has an adjustable headrest for your neck and heads to relax. 

The metallic chrome base of the chair makes it sturdier and stable, offering you greater comfort and safety. The Resin casters are 30% stronger and harder than the regular casters and they provide greater mobility and stability to your chair, avoiding risks of slipping, sliding, or misbalance. The Commodore II is designed to accommodate 350 Pounds.

Product Dimensions – 29.1 x 15 x 26.4 inches

Weight – 54 Pounds

Features –

  1. Cushioned leather seating
  2. Adjustable headrest
  3. Resin wheel casters
  4. Pneumatic lever for adjustments
  5. Waterfall style- armrests


  • Thickly padded seat
  • Tall back
  • High quality bonded leather



  • Doesn’t help in producing a straight back posture
  • Too much padding might be unhealthy for many

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#8 AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair – Brown with Pewter Finish, BIFMA Certified

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The AmazonBasics High- Back Executive Chair is fully adjustable and comes with the guarantee of reducing and correcting your sciatica and lower back pain as it is specially constructed to offer support to your back. You can easily adjust the height by pulling or pushing the pneumatic lever handle; it can be adjusted between 41.4 inches to 45.8 inches height. It also features a tilt lock that controls the easy movement of the chair back and forth.

The AmazonBasics Chair is upholstered with Brown PVC leather for enhanced durability, looks, and comfort with padded cushions and foamy backrest. It has a bent armrest design with padded cushions for extra support. Some of its special features are the butterfly seat plate, fully controllable chair with curved contoured padded seats for the extra support to heal your sciatic pain as it lessens the tension and strain from your lower back and buttocks.

Its 360-degree swivel rotating option allows maximized mobility while making it easier to glide or slide from one place to another with its nylon casters that are sturdy and grant smooth movement without damaging the precious floor. Its well-built wheelbase is powerful and supports a larger volume. Its brown color is just another reason that makes it stand out and look elegant.

Product Dimensions – 29.1 x 26.1 x 45.5 inches

Weight – 35 Pounds

Features –

  1. Brown PVC leather upholstery
  2. Butterfly seat plate
  3. Fully adjustable controls
  4. 360-degree swivel 
  5. Ergonomic design


  • Sturdy nylon casters
  • Adjustable height, width, and depth
  • Ergonomic design that reduces sciatic pain



  • Poor quality material
  • Heavy in size


#9 HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair – Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Arms, Black (VL705)

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Then Hon Wave Executive Chair is designed to mix style with the purpose of healing your body. It is specifically designed to keep you focused, comfortable, and healthy while working in a stressful work environment. It comes with a breathable mesh back and double-layered padded cushion keeps you comfortable and cool by promoting airflow and blood circulation in your body. You’ll remain fresh and energetic as ever.

It offers ergonomic features to reduce sciatic pain with the adjustable reclining system, adjustable lower back support that you can adapt to match the posture of your spine and back, and a pneumatic height adjustment lever that lets you adjust the height of the chair without complications. The adjustable armrest feature helps you relax your arms and elbows on the padded armrest for intensified comfort.

Glide around smoothly with its swivel and resin base long-lasting wheels for easy mobility without the hassles of walking around especially when you’re suffering from sciatic nerve pain in your legs and lower back. And the Hon Wave chair comes with a 5-year warranty. Be ready to eliminate your sciatic nerve pain with this high back chair.

Product Dimensions – 25.6 x 30.2 x 42.9 inches

Weight – 53 Pounds

Features –

  1. Adjustable Armrest
  2. Adjustable Back support
  3. Breathable mesh design
  4. High back
  5. Resin base and wheels


  • Durable and High-quality product
  • High back design for enhanced support
  • Sturdy and Stable



  • Uncomfortable armrest
  • The chair makes a squeaking sound on rocking feature


#10 DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, Adjustable Stool for Home and Office – Improve Your Posture with an Angled Seat – Thick Comfortable Cushions (Black.)

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The Dragonn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is designed to remove your back pain and sciatic nerve pain; it is built to enhance your posture and health. It comes in a kneeling chair design that focuses on keeping your back straight and reduces tension from your lower back and buttocks by granting maximum support. 

It features a double-layered mesh cushion for enhanced blood circulation and airflow to keep you cool and fresh at work. Like any office chair, you can move this kneeling chair with its 4 durable and sturdy casters that ensure smooth gliding and mobility around the office. People who suffer from Sciatica tend to face great pain in their lower back and legs, making them disabled for some time as the nerves and muscles get numbed.

This Dragonn kneeling chair has been specially designed to give you the benefits of standing while being seated comfortably; it helps to build a better posture as the weight is equally divided between your legs and buttocks. You can adjust the height of the chair to sit comfortably and remain safe with its front locking wheels and sturdy wheelbase. Its stylish all-black design is best for an office environment as this chair tends to create fun energy. 


Product Dimensions – 27.2 x 19 x 7.9 inches

Weight – 19 Pounds

Features –

  1. Front locking wheels
  2. 90-degree posture design
  3. Height adjustment
  4. 2 layer cushioned seat
  5. 4 Sturdy casters



  • Reduces sciatic pain and lower back pain.
  • Efficient Adjustable design
  • Comfortable than a regular office chair.


  • You need to change posture frequently. 


Buying Guides For Best Office Chair for Sciatica Pain

  1. Look for an ergonomic chair with a larger width and comfortable cushioned seat for greater support and relaxation to your hips.
  2. Remember, the rough firm cushions can cause Sciatica pain. So, choose a foamy cushion.
  3. It should be versatile and provide suitable lumbar support.
  4. You should be able to sit straight with your feet flat on the floor.
  5. The office chair you choose should be large in size, with greater width and depth to keep you comfortable.
  6. To remain cool and calm choose a chair with breathable mesh for promoted air circulation.
  7. Choose a chair with adjustable armrest for minimized strain from your arms and elbows with a place to relax.
  8. A chair with swivel and wheel casters makes it easier to reach your desk without getting up and enhances mobility.
  9. Always look for an office chair with efficient height adjustment that gives everyone the control to adjust the chair according to their comfort.
  10. Remember to look for a seat that keeps your thighs horizontally straight with feet flat on the floor.
  11. A chair with a pneumatic lever handle makes it easier for you to adjust the height.
  12. Opt for a chair with an adjustable backrest that can be easily moved backward or forwards as per convenience.
  13. It should be accompanied by a locking system to give you full control over your posture and comfort without the risk of bending all of a sudden.
  14. If you’re suffering from sciatica, choose a padded cushioned backrest for higher support and comfort to your back and buttocks.
  15. The chair should be able to imitate your posture keep you fit and productive at work.



How will a padded seat help you with sciatica?

A padded seat helps relieve your buttocks and legs from the necessary tension and pressure and allows them to relax.

Will a padded armrest improve efficiency?

A padded armrest provides your elbows and arms relaxation and comfort from working on your laptops and keyboards every day.

Is a breathable mesh seating recommended?

A breathable mesh keeps your body cool by enhancing air circulation and limits the heat that gets trapped between your body and the chair..

What is the role of the pneumatic lever handle?

The pneumatic lever handle gives you easier control to adjust your height according to your suitability.

What kind of posture will an ergonomic seat promote?

An ergonomic seat will ensure your back is straight against the backrest, with your feet flat on the floor, thighs horizontally straight with a gap of a few inches between your knees and the seat.


What to Avoid when Purchasing the Best Office Chair for Sciatica?

Always avoid buying the cheapest chair; it’s not about the budget. Investing in a good quality chair would not only benefit your back but would also be durable and long-lasting. Don’t opt for a chair with thin padding and firm cushions, it would really affect your hips and back, making you feel uncomfortable and would definitely reduce your performance at work. Avoid buying a heavy material chair that is not properly ventilated.

You don’t want to sweat and feel distracted amidst your work. Definitely avoid buying a chair with complicated features and adjustment controls, look for a simple chair that can be easily adapted and controlled. Also, look for a chair that offers warranty and durability. The last thing is to look for comfort and relaxation in a chair that makes you feel at home.


How to Avoid Sciatica with an Office Chair?

An office chair designed ergonomically will keep you healthy and away from the risk of developing muscular and skeletal injuries. You want to enhance your performance and productivity at work for better profit, so invest in a chair that would keep you comfortable and concentrated on your work. The office chair designed to reduce lower back pain grants your back enough support and keeps the naturally curved spine the way it is.

If you sit in the same position for hours, you develop a stout posture which could be harmful in the future. It would affect your posture and your spine. So, office chairs have been constructed with these points in mind to keep you safe from these health concerns and to provide you with the uttermost comfort all day long.

These chairs are designed to reduce pressure and strain from your back offering a great benefit for those suffering from lower back pain. Also, these chairs are designed with wide seating to keep your buttocks and legs supported at all times. 


Who Should Buy an Office Chair for Sciatica?

Most employees suffer from health issues that originate from their workplace. There are many people who work for prolonged hours nonstop for the benefit of their company and to gain profit. It’s a fact that you don’t achieve anything without hard work. But thinking about your health and future, you need to invest in a chair that will keep you fit and grant you enough lumbar support without any strain, stress, or pain in your nerves.

These kinds of chairs are not just crucial for people suffering from lower back pain but for anyone who wants to attain comfort while working nonstop for long hours without the risk of any health problems. Sciatica can affect you in the long run; it can be deadly as it disables walking by numbing your legs and buttocks, making it difficult for you to walk.


Advantages of Office Chairs for Sciatica

  • They help in reducing lower back pain and leg pain.
  • They provide greater support to your buttocks and legs.
  • They increase air circulation, hence keeping you cool.
  • They make you more focused and productive.

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The Office chairs designed for sciatica will not only keep you fit and healthy but would benefit you on a longer run. These chairs are constructed in such a way that they would enhance your productivity at work by making you comfortable and concentrated.

They come in a sleek and stylish design that suits your workplace and has comfortable padded cushions with additional features that help you to adjust the chair according to your convenience, comfort, and suitability. You don’t want to develop a stout and bent posture when you age don’t worry these chairs are designed with ergonomic features to maintain the natural curve of your spine and to give ample support to your back for a maximized fruitful performance that keeps you focused and enjoyable in your work environment.

And these chairs are designed to grant your lower body greater support and relief from pain. Go get yourself a chair now!

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