Top 10 Best Dental Hygienic Saddle Chairs 2020 Reviews

The era of modernization aims to bring comfort to the lives of man. There is an advancement in every arena. One area where man has completely utilized the fruits of this advancement is the workplace. The advancement as a consequence of modernization in the workplace has led to the introduction of a number of efficiently designed products.

One such product that eases the work of the dentist is the dental hygiene saddle chairs. These chairs are not only designed ergonomically but also provide convenience to the user. These chairs are extremely helpful and are used widely.


What is a Dental Hygienic Saddle Chairs?

A saddle chair is a chair that has a seat base in the shape of a saddle. These chairs are ideal for dentists who have work for prolonged hours at a stretch. Moreover, these chairs are suited for a dentist or a medical practitioner because of the easy height adjustment that comes with this chair to customize and personalize to fulfill one’s needs and preferences. 


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Saddle Chair For Dental Hygienist

When buying a product, especially a product like a saddle chair, one is required to look for various things to make an appropriate purchase. Certain things that must be considered when buying a saddle chair to suit a dentist are laid out as follows:-

  • TYPE

Saddle chairs come in different types. The two major types of saddle chairs are the solid saddle stool and the divided saddle stool. A solid saddle stool is a completely formed structure. The divided saddle stool has a slit at its center. This slit can be adjusted using a control panel which has tends to increase or lessen the gap. One should consider the kind one requires before purchasing. 


Saddle chairs are equipped with contouring. However, it is necessary to consider the contouring. The greater the contour on the seat, the more comfortable it proves to be. However, highly contoured seats might not be as wide as others. This is an extremely important factor to check on.


Saddle chairs come in different types to feature a backrest. However, there are saddle chairs that do not have a backrest and function equally well. In case one has to work for a long duration, a backrest proves to be beneficial. Therefore, this feature is as crucial as any other.


Considering the height of a saddle chair is extremely important because a saddle chair provides support to the standing position. The height must be such that it does not hurt or intervene with the work. Moreover, the height of the desk must also be such that both are in proportion to each other. Both the height of the saddle chair as well as the desk must be considered.


A saddle chair is designed to maximize the comfort of the users while working. For that matter, one must ensure that the seat is made out of a durable and comfortable upholstery. The backrest should provide a tilt for the user to adjust it in various positions. Hence, one must consider a saddle chair that is of optimal comfort for the user. 

Considering the aforementioned aspect and features of the product would help one to make an ideal choice. 


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Top 10 Best Dental Hygienic Saddle Chairs For The Money


Best Dental Hygienic Saddle Chairs Reviews

In order to help the customers choose the correct product that proves to be appropriate and is considered the best outlined as follows:-

#1 The Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool

Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool

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This twin adjustable saddle stool from Kanewell is designed with the purpose of providing extreme comfort to the user. The split saddle seat is extremely convenient. The stool comes equipped with an added benefit of adjusting the width and the angle of the stool. This feature helps the stool to fit every user and thereby, it suited to the whims and fancies of all the individuals.

This stool improves one’s back posture. Moreover, the chair has smooth functioning wheels for increasing mobility and thereby enhances virtual mobility. The Patented spit saddle reduces pressure flow during longer periods of work thereby providing improved levels of airflow for a cooler environment and therefore, a comfortable experience. This stool meets all the essential requirements, such as CA TB117 flammability provisions and BIFMA safety standards.

This Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool is made out of genuine top-grain leather upholstery. This Medium Kanewell stool is suited for people whose height measure somewhere between 4’11 and 5’11. The high-quality leather upholstery that this stool is made out of makes it the most durable and therefore, this stool bags the tag of being the best and is desired by many. 


  • This stool is extremely comfortable.
  • It relieves the strain on part of the user.
  • This stool helps in improving the posture of the user’s back.


  • This saddle stool does not have a backrest provided with it. This might make the user exhausted sometimes when sitting without a backrest. 
  • The stool is extremely expensive.



#2 The Dr LomiLomi multi-adjustable hydraulic rolling  medical massage stool chair

Dr.lomilomi Multi-Adjustable Hydraulic Rolling Medical Massage Stool Chair

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The Dr LomiLomi multi-adjustable stool chair is desired by many for the ergonomic design it features. This multi-adjustable stool has a comfortable backrest. The backrest is tilted and the seat height is easily adjustable. The stool is provided with rubber-coated casters. These casters facilitated smooth and noise-free movements. There was no restriction or disturbance in terms of mobility.

The chair weighs less than 20 pounds. The stool height is somewhat around 35 to 40 inches. The seat height is around 20-26 inches approximately. The weight capacity of this multi-adjustable tool is 350 pounds approximately. The base of this stool is made of steel thereby providing sturdiness and stability to the product. The upholstery used in this saddle chair is of high quality. The chair is made up of PU Vinyl that is water and oil proof. The seat is thick, has a foam-like cushion.

It is easy to clean and maintain this product. The seat has a comfortable backrest as well which can be tilted according to the user’s needs and preferences. The chair is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. It comes in vanilla, burgundy and brown color. This saddle chair is easy to assemble. 


  • These saddle chairs are easy to maintain. 
  • The material of the seat is durable, of high quality. 
  • These chairs provide an added benefit of stability and portable.
  • The chair is worth the value. 


  • It does not provide support to the door. 


#3 The Jobri Better Posture Saddle Chair

Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair

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This Jobri saddle chair available with the model number BP1465/BK is one of the best and most convenient of all saddle chairs. The Jobri brand is in itself very famous and has mastered the art of introducing new equipment that is suitable for one’s health and wellness. The Jobri team comes up with the best of its products after discussion with medical professionals and ergonomic specialists.

This saddle chair improves and promotes a good posture since the product allows the hips, legs, and feet to be in a neutral position thereby increasing circulation and reducing stress. This makes these chairs extremely comfortable and this is only because of the saddle chair’s seat shape which provides a “waterfall effect.” The seat is made out of leather which can be easily cleaned and maintained thus making the product durable.

The seat can be adjusted to fit in with the user. The polished aluminum five-point base and the twin disc casters make the chair easy for rolling. The tubular frame of this chair is made out of steel. This chair can handle a maximum weightage of 250 pounds. It weighs 17.5 pounds. This chair is available in black as well as red color. 


  • Ergonomically designed to fulfill one’s therapeutic needs. 
  • This saddle chair proves to be extremely durable and reliable. 
  • It has a precise design and improves one’s back posture along with reducing the stress. 
  • This saddle chair is worth the value.


  • The upholstery is not for long term use.


#4 The 2×Home Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Chair

2xhome - Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Stool Chair

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This 2×Home Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Chair is an extraordinary useful product that helps in maintaining the convenience of the users. The chair usually comes in black color. The manufacturer of this chair has designed this product in close proximity to the safety standards and modern design. The base of this chair is strong enough thereby facilitates an improvement in sturdiness.

The cushion is thicker and the chair is equipped with a backrest design. Both the base and the backrest of this saddle stool can be tilted according to one’s personalized fit. This stool is wide and provides comfort to the body. The tool is easy to assemble. The chair features a five caster roller for easy mobility. The chair weighs somewhere about 30 pounds approximately.

The height of this stool is adjustable, it helps the user to take the chair at a higher and optimal angle of 135 degrees to ensure that the posture becomes better and there is no strain on the spinal cord or any other discomfort to the user. The wheels are of high quality, basically a dual wheel with nylon casters. These wheels are so designed that they do not leave any mark or cause any scratch on the floor thereby preventing damage. This chair is made of PU leather. 


  • The chair provides easy mobility without causing any damage to the flooring. 
  • The chair is extremely comfortable and facilitates a better posture. The chair is easy to assemble. 
  • These chairs are cost-effective.


  • The wheels of this saddle chair do not get locked.


#5 The HAG Capisco Ergonomic Chair with Saddle Seat

Capisco Ergonomic Office Chair with Saddle Seat

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The HAG Capisco Ergonomic Chair is one of the most popular saddle stools that is used widely throughout for the versatility these chairs are equipped with. These chairs are GreenGuard certified and meet all standards and safety requirements. This model comes in black color alone. The chair weighs around 30 pounds approximately. The chair is designed ergonomically with the aim of providing maximum comfort to the users.

This facilitates not only reducing one’s strain but allows for a healthy sitting position and proves to be convenient as well. The chair is equipped with a 265mm lifting height so that it can be adjusted and provide a personalized fit by functioning in accordance with the user. The saddle stool features a tiltable back as well. The height is completely adjustable and so is the seat depth and back height.

The seat initiates greater mobility and allows one to sit in any position of their preference, proving to be comfortable anyway. The chair is made of recyclable material. This saddle features a 10-year long warranty on their pneumatic lift. One can spend hours on this comfortable chair without feeling stressed or exhausted and rather, enjoying the comfort it brings with itself. 


  • This is a comfortable chair that promotes better circulation by facilitating a neutral position and reducing strain. 
  • The chair has a long term warranty thereby offering high-end durability and longevity.
  • The chair provides for multi adjustments. 


  • This saddle chair is very costly.


#6 The Antlu saddle stool rolling chair

Antlu Saddle Stool Rolling Chair

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This Antlu Saddle stool proves to be the best choice for many because of the outstanding features it is equipped with. The chair usually comes in a variety of four colors to match in with one’s interior and decor. This precisely designed chair is available in black, white, grey, and beige colors. The increased comfort that this chair feature increases one’s productivity. Assembling the chair is extremely easy.

The chair assembles in two steps only and does not require any tools for the same. The wheels of this chair are made of Polyurethane and rubber combination. This prevents the wheel from scratching or leaving any marks on the ground, thus making it safe for use on any kind of flooring and thereby preventing damage. This product weighs somewhere near 13 pounds approximately.

The maximum weightage capacity of this chair is up to 400 pounds. The lever provided under the seat functions easily for adjusting the height of this stool. The chair facilitates a complete rotation of 360° quite easily. The chair is ergonomically designed with the purpose of providing comfort on the back and spinal cord, thereby reducing stress and pressure.

The seat cushion of this stool is thick which adds to the comfort on the user’s part and the base is made of steel which strengths the stool and makes it sturdy. The chair allows complete movement, is easy to maintain, and helps one to maintain a good posture. 


  • Easy to assemble and facilitates greater mobility without damaging the floor. 
  • The stool provides comfort to the user, is durable and reliable. 
  • The seat is wide. 
  • The chair is cost-effective. It is affordable.


  • The upholstery is not as better even though the seat is thicker in comparison to other stools. 


#7 The Master Massage Saddle Tool

Master Massage Berkeley Ergonomic Split Seat Style Backrest Saddle Stool

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The Master Massage Berkeley Ergonomic Split style backrest saddle stool suits the needs of many users due to the product being extremely versatile, reliable, and durable. The seat of this stool is made up of PU leather. The backrest of this saddle stool is also made out of PU leather. The upholstery of this stool is free from causing any allergies since it is Hypoallergenic. It is oil-proof and waterproof.

The seat has a foam cushion to add to the comfort of the users. This makes the stool highly durable and serves the purpose of it being in use for a long term. This model usually comes in blue color only. The chair weighs somewhere near to 22 pounds approximately. The maximum weightage that can be easily contained by this saddle chair is that of 660 pounds.

The wheels are made of polyurethane and aluminum five-star base provides stability. The nylon wheels with white edges do not cause any damage to the floor. They are safe in their rotation and facilitates greater mobility. The chair is equipped with two control panels on the sides which make the chair easily tilt and helps to adjust its height on the basis of the user’s needs. 


  • Highly durable, ergonomically designed product for increased convenience. 
  • Comfortable backrest and thick cushion-like seat. 
  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof upholstery. 
  • The wheels provide virtual movement without causing any damage to the flooring. 


  • This model of saddle chair is way too expensive. 


#8 The FRNIAMC Ergonomic Rolling and Adjustable Stool

FRNIAMC Ergonomic Saddle Stool Rolling Adjustable

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This saddle stool is desired by many people because of the efficiency with which it is designed that aims to reduce one’s strain and pressure thereby improving the posture of the user and maximizing the comfort that is delivered by the product. This stool is extremely tall and therefore suits for people of any height. It is easily adjustable and therefore can be customized as per personalized fit and needs.

The stool weighs somewhere near to 23 pounds approximately. Assembling this stool is extremely easy and simple, devoid of all complex mechanisms. The stool features aluminum legs which strengthen it and thereby improves the sturdiness of the product. The five pieces of caster wheels equipped with this particular model make movement easy.

The wheels not only increase mobility but makes sure that no noise is produced in doing the same. The maximum weightage capacity of this stool is around 350 pounds. The product provides high-end durability. The product is well constructed, the seat is made of leather. The seat of this stool is padded and an anti exploding plate is attached under the cushion for safety purposes.

The seat shape is such that it aims to improve one’s posture thereby reducing strain and releasing pain off the user’s back and spinal cord. This stool comes in white as well as black color. This extremely comfortable stool is backed up by a standard warranty period of one year. 


  • Easy to assemble. This stool is extremely durable and comfortable. 
  • The ergonomic design releases the user from pain and an added benefit of it is an improvement in ones posture. 
  • The stool meets all the safety standards.
  • Rotation is not noisy. 


  • The stool is too costly. 


#9 The HappyBuy Standard Saddle Stool

Happybuy Standard Dental Mobile Chair Saddle

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This HappyBuy Standard Saddle stool is extremely popular and considered by many due to the advanced features it consists of. This stool is ergonomically designed with the aim of providing maximum comfort to the users. It is designed in such a way that it not only improves the posture of the user but rather proves to be helpful to him/her by producing no fatigue and thus, does not exhaust the user.

This saddle seat is different from a traditional one since it is built to provide a perfect curve to one’s body rather than straining on the spinal cord. The chair is well constructed making use of high-quality material. The chair seat is made out of PU leather consisting of a high-density rebound foam inside and an explosion free steel plate placed underneath the foam-like cushion for safety purposes as well as to be of convenience to the user.

The stool has four methods of adjusting the height and the angle in accordance with the user’s needs and preferences. The stool has a five-star aluminum base that adds to the durability of the product and provides sturdiness. The wheels help in complete rotation of the stool without producing any noise. The stool is equipped with 5 PU casters thus adding to the toughness and stability of the product. This model comes in green color. It is extremely easy to assemble this stool. 


  • This stool is easy to assemble, install and maintain
  • This stool has an anti-explosion steel plate placed under the comfortable durable foam-like a thick padded cushion for added comfort. 
  • The wheels rotate without producing too much noise.


  • The chair is extremely expensive. 


#10 The LovShare Medical Dental Stool

LOVSHARE Medical Dental Stool Dentist Chair

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This LovShare medical dental stool is suited to many dentists professionals to carry out their work with ease and in utmost comfort. The stool is designed ergonomically to meet the needs of users in providing convenience to them. The design of the chair is such that it not only improves the posture but also at releasing the pain from back, feet, waist, and neck.

Working for even long hours at this chair causes no fatigue because of its effective and efficient design. The stool is made out of high-quality material. The stool is well constructed, built with PU leather or microfiber leather. It consisted of a high-density rebound foam inside in addition to the superior injection plastic board that meets not only the requirements of individuals to provide extreme comfort and stability but also meets the safety standards intended for this particular model.

The seat height of this medical dental stool suited for medicinal professionals can be adjusted easily for a personalized fit and according to the needs and preferences of the users. The stool has an aluminum five-star base to provide sturdiness and strengthen the stool. The wheels slide and rotate smoothly without making a sound. This product is a high-quality product with all the advanced features. 


  • High-quality material is used in the construction of this saddle chair. 
  • The chair is stable, comfortable, and durable. 
  • This versatile saddle chair meets all the safety standards, is easy to assemble and maintain.
  • The model is affordable. 


  • The base of this saddle chair is way too narrow.


Best Saddle Chair For Dental Hygienist Buying Guide

When buying a saddle chair, certain aspects must be looked into. Some of these guidelines that are required for buying a chair are outlined as follows:-


A saddle chair should not just be comfortable but also have multiple adjustment settings. When a chair can be adjusted in multiple ways to fit in with the user’s needs and preferences, it adds to the convenience. The height must be adjustable and the backrest must be tiltable. The adjustment aspect should be given considerate importance before purchasing.


The seating arrangement of the saddle chair is extremely important since the user has to work for long hours. The seat should be firm. The upholstery should be waterproof and of high quality. The seat must provide the utmost comfort to the user. 


The base of the saddle chair must be made of a material that strengths the chair and provides sturdiness. The material should be aluminum or steel. The wheels must be able to enhance mobility smoothly. The wheels must not be damaging the floor while enhancing the virtual movement and this aspect should be given due importance. 


A backrest is another crucial component of the saddle chair. It adds to the support of the user and thereby reduces fatigue. The backrest must be padded and should meet safety standards. Moreover, it should facilitate adjustments like being tilted. A backrest helps one to work with stability for long hours.


Once all the features and the buying guides in combination with needs and all the preferences matches with the user’s selection criteria, the price must be analyzed. The warranty period must be given importance. The product must meet all industrial requirements and safety standards. Reviews must be checked and the price must be a value for the product in turn when purchasing a saddle chair. 

Thus, a careful analysis of these guidelines would help one to choose a perfect dental hygienic saddle chair and thereby, the investment would be worthy.


Things To Avoid While Buying Best Dental Hygienic Saddle Chair

Just like certain things must be considered in one’s purchase of a product like a saddle chair, there are elements that can be easily avoided. Some of these aspects that must be avoided are outlined as follows:-

  • Number of Wheels

The number of wheels that a saddle chair is equipped with must be avoided. Be it a 4 wheel or 6 wheels, the support is more or less the same. Therefore one must not consider the number of wheels that are featured in different models of saddle chairs if it’s a good deal. 

  • Noise

Sometimes, while the wheels enhance virtual movement, the wheels make a clicking sound when the process of movement or mobility is carried out. However, a sound once in a while must not let the buyer give up on a good deal. The noise made by the wheels must not be considered when buying a saddle chair.

  • Color

The buyer should give much importance to the color of this stool. These chairs are usually found in basic colors so matching with the interior of the place where it needs to placed should not be a problem. Therefore, one should not cancel a great deal in color consideration. Colour is not an important aspect to be considered. 

Who Should Buy A Dental Hygiene Saddle Chair?

A dental saddle chair is ideal for a dental hygienist or a dentist. These professionals have to work in a standing position for a long duration of time. This may make them tired. Sitting on a normal chair would cause problems in the waist, the neck, the back, feet, and obviously the spinal cord.

One’s posture may turn out to be worse. There might be a lot of fatigue on part of them. Standing for long hours would hurt the feet. Sitting on normal chairs for prolonged ours would exert a lot of pressure on the back. These people need a balance while working to reduce the strain. 

Thus, saddle chairs should be bought by dental hygienists. These chairs facilitate height and seat adjustments. These are ergonomically designed. The chairs have comfortable seating arrangements. These provide a padded backrest and are beneficial in providing support and improving one’s posture. Hence, these conveniently designed saddle chairs are a must-buy for dental hygienists. 

Every product has its own assets and liabilities. The same goes for these dental hygiene saddle chairs. Some pros and cons of these saddle chairs are outlined as follows:- 


  • A saddle chair helps in improving one’s posture. 
  • The saddle chair is made in such a way that the angle at which it can be adjusted aims to provide a better curve. This prevents pain at the spinal cord. As such, it reduces fatigue while working. 
  • These chairs reduce pressure and increase circulation. This helps in releasing strains on the body. 
  • These chairs are ergonomically designed and provide the utmost comfort to the users while working for long durations. 



There are various questions that are usually asked in the context of buying these saddle chairs. Some of these questions along with the answers are posted below to clarify all doubts regarding the product. These are as follows:-

Do these saddle chairs roll quietly?
No, most of the times these chairs while rolling produce a sound. However, the sound is low and not disturbing.
Can the colour of these chairs be customised?
It depends from brand to brand. However, most brands do not facilitate for color customization.
Do these chairs have a wheel lock?
Most of the chairs are not equipped with a wheel lock. However, it usually depends on different brands. 
Can I get extra wheels complementary to the package?
No wheels are provided complimentary to the package.
Are the backrest of the saddle chairs detachable?
Yes, for most of the brands, backrest of these saddle chairs are easily detachable. 

These chairs are a preventative measure for those who have to work for long periods of time at a stretch. These chairs prove to be a helpful investment. One should consider all aspects and then finally proceed to make the ideal choice. 

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